The short rides (up to ½ day) are accessible to all types of riders, including beginners.

For longer rides , it is necessary to have a certain basic autonomy on a horse, like being able to get on and off by yourself.

On the rides that last several days , if possible, you will be required to participate in the horses´ preparation (saddling and unsaddling for example). The parts that are technically difficult will be walked through, taking the horse by the rein, which justifies our not accepting beginners.


Basic clothing: long pants, closed shoes, long sleeve short (to protect from the sun), wide rim hat with that can be tied around the neck, sun screen (at least 30 SPF), sun glasses.

Practical accessories: Thick cotton pants, gaitors, fanny or waist pack for carrying photographic camera (avoid uncomfortable backpacks). For the winter: polar, windbreaker or jacket.

NOT ALL EXCURSIONS ARE FEASIBLE in any season of the year, consult previously.

the lunadas rides under the moonlight have a departure time at 19:00 hrs. and return time at 00:30 hrs. approximately, we go up with daylight and come down with moonlight.


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