Riding under the moonlight

Go horseback riding, accompanied only by dusk, arriving at a viewpoint on a hill that is in front of the city, when the sun is abandoning us, we gather around a bonfire, a good barbecue and conversation… Suddenly overhead we are dazzled by a ray of Light, a little bit further and our route will be illuminated, we ride our horses and go back home.

Riding gives us tranquility, frees us from stress and above all it gives a unique time of contact with nature.

We leave behind the noise of the street, the infernal traffic jams, the bad smell, the noise of cell phones and some office or university burden.

Discovering the precordillera is a full adventure, a few minutes after the departure you loose sight of Santiago, the further in we go we discover the vegetation: the quillayes, thorn bushes and boldos. If we are lucky we might even run into some rabbit, owl, loica or condor.

The snow is a loyal companion in winter, who would think that after an hour of riding you will be setting your print.

Come and discover this experience……

Lo Barnechea - Santiago Chile